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Yazd Foulad Products

Yazd Foulad brands was established in 1980 and its activities began with the production of polished steel sections with the construction of a production unit on a 50-hectare land in Yazd city, and currently it is known as the largest steel brand in the private sector of the country.
The completeness of the Foulad cycle from iron ore to the final product and the production of more than 12 product groups is the result of half a century of activity and knowledge acquisition in the field of mining and steel, and having committed human resources with up-to-date technical knowledge has made a significant contribution to achieving this. have played an important role and...

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Advantages of buying from Yazd Foulad

Yazd Foulad products have established the basis of their differentiation in the economy of steel consumption in construction. Other values of Yazd Steel products include providing ancillary services and direct communication with consumers, responding to specific customer needs, continuous research and development, and designing new steel products to reduce costs as much as possible.

Yazd Foulad Holding
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Yazd Foulad production 

The Foulad production includes the process of extracting iron ore from the mine to the production of the final product. 4 The mining and iron ore mining sector includes processing, steelmaking and rolling.

Yazd FouladGroup provides its customers with competitive advantages such as reasonable prices and superior quality due to having experienced human resources in the production, trading and completeness of the production cycle.

Certificates of Yazd Foulad